Post-Operation Protective Edge Poll Analysis: Winners & Losers

A glimpse into the winners & losers of Operation Protective Edge: Knesset Jeremy Analysis of the five weekend polls: Link: 1) Maagar Mochot Poll: 2) Geocartography Poll: 3) Smith Poll: 4) Dialog Poll: 5) Panels Poll:

Latest Poll Analysis & Interview

4 Links: Latest Poll Analysis & Interview (Aug 14) 1) Knesset Jeremy Link: 2) Israel National News Quote: 3) Jewish Political Updates Quote: 4) Voice of Israel Radio Interview with Gil Hoffman:

6 ‘Voice Of Israel’ Interviews on Protective Edge

Links to last 6 interviews on Soundcloud: 1) Panel with Daniel Seaman, Gil Hoffman and Ari Abramowitz (Aug 13):  Cairo talks collapsing as midnight deadline nears and more. 2) Discussion with Josh Hasten on what is like coming home after 26 days of IDF reserve duty (Aug 13): 3) Discussion with Josh Hasten from reserve…

Protective Edge, National Politics & Local Politics Knesset expert Jeremy Saltan gives a unique government perspective including Israel’s response to Hamas’s ‘multi-front’ attacks towards Israel. They end with Saltan talking about the situation in his specific Jerusalem suburb including rocket attacks that were close.

Holyland 2

Mevaseret Zion Immigration & Absorption Committee Member Jeremy Saltan pointed out that “the land was donated by American Jews to the Jewish Agency, not for a real estate project. Now the land has switched hands to their pension fund, they are looking for a minimum of NIS 295m. for the property. “Something doesn’t smell right,…