Second Round

Municipal elections are over in most cities however the national parties and politicians are still working hard. Although most municipalities went to the polls on October 22 there have been many cities where no mayoral candidate managed to reach the 40% election threshold. A second round of elections will take place November 5. Following the second round of elections there will be a three week time period of coalition negotiations before the new mayors and city council members take their seats. National party politicians will try to squeeze out a few extra victories over the next week. The local politicians will utilize their party’s national level connections to help them in coalition building handouts of deputy mayors and committee chairmanships.

There will be a second round of elections in Israel’s 5th largest city in population Petah Tikva and another top 15 city in Herzliya. Israeli citizens in Samaria will vote for a second time in Beit El and Elkana. In the north there will be a second round in a number of cities including Afula, Kiryat Shemona, Kiryat Tivon and Migdal. Cities with large amounts of middle to upper class residents will conduct a second vote in Hod Hasharon, Pardesia and Mevaseret Tzion.

Although things have quieted down for the national politicians their local counterparts will make sure they have plenty of work to do until November 26 when the new five year term begins.


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