Following CNN Debate Israel-counter is at 31

After three events Israel-counter up to 31 as Fiorina and Cruz tie Jindal for lead of the Israel-counter with four.

Top-11 Debate

Bush: He mentioned Israel twice. He talked about reestablishing US relationship with Israel and that US needs to send message they have Israel’s back.

Fiorina: She gave her friend Netanyahu phone call line for the third event in a row. She said she will stand with the state of Israel and stand with US allies against Iran.

Cruz: He talked about the threat of Iran and pledged the first day of office he would rip up deal. He attacked Iran for calling Israel the little Satan and US the big Satan in middle of negotiations and asked Obama where the side deal is. Once again said he’d move Israel embassy to Jerusalem.

Huckabee: He talked about destroying the agreement and said this is a fight for the survival of western civilization. He discussed how the deal threatens Israel immediately and recalled how Iran kidnapped and killed Americans. Also mentioned Israel in closing remarks.

Kasich: He said it’s a bad agreement but wouldn’t repeal it. He said that if Iran threatens Israel the US needs to hold Iran responsible. He closed by quoting a verse that struck him at a Holocaust memorial ‘If you saved one life you have saved the world’.

Rubio: He talked about the horrible deal with Iran. He slammed Obama for having more respect for Ayatollah of Iran than the Prime Minister of Israel.

Walker: He talked about terminating the bad deal but did not mention Israel.

Paul: He said it’s a bad agreement but that he wouldn’t repeal it. He didn’t mention Israel. He talked about arming Kurds and attacked Saudi Arabia for not accepting Syrian refugees.

Christie: I won’t sign a deal with someone who chants death to Israel, death to America.

The two front-runners Trump and Carson did not really touch so much on Iran or mention Israel once.

Israel Counter – Number of times the word Israel is mentioned:

Events Times
Jindal 3 4
Fiorina 3 4
Cruz 3 4
Paul 3 3
Huckabee 2 3
Walker 3 2
Pataki 3 2
Graham 3 2
Bush 3 2
Christie 3 2
Santorum 3 1
Rubio 3 1
Kasich 3 1
Carson 3 0
Trump 2 0
Gilmore 1 0
Perry 2 0 out

Following CNN Second-Tier Debate Israel-counter is at 21

Israel-counter up to 21 as Jindal still leads the Israel counter with four.

Second-Tier Debate notes:

Pataki: Pataki said he would reject the Iran deal on day 1. He said he would give Israelis MOP bombs to help them with Iran. He mentioned Israel twice.

Graham:  He talked about the nightmare to Israel if Iran gets the bomb. He said he would get a better deal with Iran and that he’d bomb Iran if he had to. He also labeled Assad as a puppet of Iran.

Santorum: He talked about Iran as a radical Islamic state and that on day 1 he would demand they open up all facilities or that the US will bomb them.

Jindal: Spoke out against Iran Deal and asked Congress Republicans to use ‘the nuke option’ to prevent it from being passed. Jindal remains in lead despite not mentioning Israel in this debate.

Israel Counter – Number of times the word Israel is mentioned:

Events Times
Jindal 3 4
Paul 2 3
Fiorina 2 3
Walker 2 2
Cruz 2 2
Pataki 3 2
Graham 3 2
Christie 2 1
Huckabee 1 1
Santorum 3 1
Carson 2 0
Bush 2 0
Rubio 2 0
Kasich 2 0
Gilmore 1 0
Trump 1 0
Perry 2 0 out

August Voice of Israel Shows

August Shows (so far, updating daily)

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5) Mottle Wolfe Show: UNRWA & Yes Planet in Jerusaelm (Aug 11)

Highlight of UNRWA:

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Fox’s Top-10 GOP Debate: Israel, Iran, Netanyahu & US Embassy in Jerusalem?

Israel was mentioned by five of the ten candidates in the Fox News Top-10 Republican Debate. Paul mentioned Israel three times and Walker twice. Moving US Embassy to Jerusalem and Netanyahu were also mentioned.

Quick Summary

Trump, the frontrunner, spoke out against the Iran deal and said “what happened with Iran is a disgrace”.

Bush, the current runner-up in the polls, also spoke out against the Iran deal.

Walker, the other top-three candidate, said he would terminate the Iran deal on day 1 and put sanctions back into play. He mentioned Israel twice during the debate.

Huckabee, currently running fourth, spoke out very strongly against Iran and mentioned Israel once.

Carson, who rounds out the top-five, talked about National Security issues, but did not get into Israel-Iran issues.

Cruz warned “Iran is on the verge of getting a nuke weapon” and pledged to cancel the Iran deal & move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Rubio was one of two candidates to not discuss national security related issues.

Paul mentioned Israel three times during the debate. He said he will vote against Iran deal in Senate and that “Israel is a great ally”. He stressed that Netanyahu wants Israel to be financially independent so his view on eventually cutting Israel foreign aid isn’t an anti-Israel position.

Christie said he would keep giving foreign aid to Israel and discussed other national security issues.

Kasich was one of two candidates to not discuss national security related issues.

Israel count: After two events Israel has been mentioned 18 times overall by nine candidates. Jindal leads with mentioning Israel a total of 4 times in 2 events, Paul is in second place with 3 mentions.

Events Times
Jindal 2 4
Paul 2 3
Fiorina 2 3
Walker 2 2
Cruz 2 2
Christie 2 1
Graham 2 1
Santorum 2 1
Huckabee 1 1
Carson 2 0
Bush 2 0
Rubio 2 0
Kasich 2 0
Pataki 2 0
Gilmore 1 0
Trump 1 0
Perry 2 0

3 Candidates Mention Israel at Fox 2nd-Tier Debate

Israel was mentioned once by three candidates in the 2nd tier, compared to the 7 times by 4 different candidates in the first GOP event.

Jindal mentioned Israel in his opening talking points for the second straight event.

Fiorina mentioned Israel and went as far as saying “The first call I’ll make as President is to Bibi Netanyahu” and spoke strongly against the Iran deal.

Graham focused mostly on national security issues again. He spoke positively about Israel US, strong against Iran and talked about increasing US troops in the Mideast including Iraq.

Perry didn’t mention Israel but did say that “The first thing I’ll do as President is tear up deal with Iran”.

Gilmore didn’t mention Israel, but spoke strongly against Iran.

Pataki didn’t mention Israel. He talked out National Security as well and his usual 9-11 talking points.

Santorum was the only candidate that was not asked a direct national security question.

Israel count: After two (or 1.5) events Israel has been mentioned 10 times overall by five candidates. Jindal leads with mentioning Israel a total of 4 times in 2 events.

4 Candidates Mention Israel at 1st Republican Candidate Forum

In the 2012 Election cycle I watched the 27 Republican debates and forums. If I had a vote in that primary I am still not sure who I would have voted for. I decided I’ll watch all of the debates and forums on both sides of the 2016 Election and post some thoughts here with an Israeli perspective.

Tonight was the first Republican Forum, think of this as a blog summary of thoughts, not an official piece.

Israel Count: 4 candidates

Jindal won the Israel count by mentioning Israel three times. He spoke at length about national security issues.  At the beginning he focused more on Democrats and DC.

Fiorina mentioned both Israel and “her friend” Benjamin Netanyahu. She seemed very knowledgeable on national security issues, but on domestic issues she remained unclear as to a majority of her positions. She focused her time talking about leadership, Hillary and reform.

Santorum mentioned Israel in the context of advice he is internalizing. He focused his time on immigration, judicial issues and economy and taxes.

Cruz also mentioned Israel. He started off on national security and moved on to discuss DC and entitlements.

National Security: 6 candidates

Graham seemed overall the most polished on national security issues, but his gaffe when he started talking domestic politics during the last 30 seconds will be memorable.

Christie talked mostly about entitlements and drugs, but answered national security questions at the end.

Pataki talked mostly about entitlements, veterans and manufacturing, but also touched on national security.

Rubio focused on drugs and immigration, and talked about national security at the end of his time.

Paul probably insulted China and/or Russia with his “once great superpowers” gaffe. His views on national security and civil rights do put him apart from the rest of the pack.

Bush was flustered and stuttered himself through the national security questions before settling down with domestic tops that included economic growth and the Bush Family. I suspect he will do poorly at the Fox debate.

Domestic Politics: 4 candidates

Perry talked about immigration, energy, economy and taxes.

Kasich talked about immigration, economy and his long political career.

Walker talked about the environment, economy, unions and entitlements.

Carson talked about entitlements, taxes and judicial issues. He stuttered a few times. I suspect he will do very poorly on the big stage.

  • Three candidates did not participate in the First Forum that took place tonight: Jim Gilmore, Mike Huckabee, Donald Trump.

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